Top 10

1 I plan to finish the year by having a good report card
2. I want to finish the year by having a fun time at wonderland
3. I want to go to the park on the last day of school
4. I want to be good at soccer and the end of the year.
5. Not to have a c and my report card
6. 1 more park day
7. Get better at science
8. Have more speed
9. Lose all my baby teeth
10. To do good in the talent show

Something I have been doing

Baseball we almost won on Monday but we lost 18-16 with the bases loaded 1out and we couldn’t win but we tried. We had fun that’s all that matters. The next day we got smashed 15-1 and they had one out and they gave us our at bat. That’s so embarrassing that I almost lost my mind. On our first game our coach got ejected because the umpire was so bad.

My Boss Future!

In My like a boss future I want to be a MLB player and I think i will be a starting pitcher on the Toronto Blue Jays. I will try to get 3 awards at least for my career. If I cant be a MLB player I want to be a Football player and starting Quarter Back for the Denver Broncos or for the Buffalo Bills so its close to my home. I want to go to Meadowvale for high school. I want to have a great future with my family and friends.


Student blog challenge 8 activity 1

1 I get up at 7:00
2 I normally have cereal for breakfast sandwich for lunch and meat for dinner
3 I normally walk but sometimes my grandparents drive.
4 It takes 2 minutes when driving and 10 minutes when walking.
5 a typical lunch at school is when I eat and watch youtube videos.
6 subjects I do are math, science, gym, social studies, art etc.
8 there is lots of technology in my school wifi,byod bring your own devices window 7 computers.